About Us

About Us

Talawa (ta-la-wha) is derived from the Jamaican language Patois, which means to be strong, fearless, strong-willed and not to be underestimated. At Talawa Jewelry, our goal is to allow women to embrace themselves through self-love. And we pride ourself in ensuring that the three big S’s, Simple, Stunning and Sustainable represents our jewelries.

Our Founder

Hey there Likkle (little) Miss Talawa (ta-la-wah), my name is Thea (ti-a), and I am the owner of Talawa Jewelry. I was born and raised in Jamaica but migrated to America in my teens. Ever since the 11th grade I’ve been wanting to own my own company, years later and Talawa Jewelry is finally here.


As a proud Jamaican woman living in a country with so many different cultures and languages, I ensure I never neglect my Jamaican roots; this is why I named my company Talawa Jewelry. The meaning of Talawa resonates strongly with me because I see myself as a strong-willed woman who shouldn’t be underestimated. All women are strong and beautiful in all their own glorious ways and I believe that when we look good we feel good and that's why I started Talawa Jewelry.


  • Transparency
  • Integrity

Mission Statement

At Talawa Jewelry our mission is to provide unique and sustainable jewelry pieces that allow all women to embrace their inner and outer beauty, because when we look good, we feel good.